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Diabetes Articles

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Full-Fat Dairy Linked to Lower Risk for Diabetes

02 May 2016 | 28,753 Views

Eating higher fat foods reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease. Include this full-fat food to reduce your risk for diabetes, improve your insulin sensitivity and reduce your belly fat.

Half of Every Adult Will Develop Pre-Diabetic High Blood Sugar

09 Dec 2015 | 45,144 Views

You have a 50/50 chance of developing prediabetes during your lifetime, according to the latest diabetes data. The silver lining is that you can reverse prediabetes, and even type 2 diabetes, by changing your diet and other lifestyle factors.

Diabetes Day

14 Oct 2015 | 38,419 Views

Type 2 diabetes is one of the greatest health threats facing the US, but it also happens to be one of the easiest to treat and prevent using lifestyle modifications. Find out how to avoid becoming another victim of this disease.

Ballooning Diabetes Rates Highlight the High Cost of Cheap Food

30 Sep 2015 | 228,236 Views

Ignore this at your peril... only if you want to be heavy, sluggish, and sick. Or want your kids to be sick. It struck this 3-year-old, and it won't spare anyone who makes this mistake. If you want better health, adopt a take-no-prisoners stance on this one.

Junk Food and Antibiotics Have Spawned a Global Diabetes Epidemic

23 Sep 2015 | 265,299 Views

You've wisely been told to watch your blood pressure and quit smoking. But those raise your risk of heart attack 4 times and 1.6 times more, respectively. Whereas, this raises your risk of heart attack six-fold... and that's for this under-45 year old group. How high is your risk?

Saturated Fat Helps Avoid Diabetes

10 Aug 2015 | 61,268 Views

A shift in diet away from traditional full-fat foods - including butter - may be responsible for the rising rates of type 2 diabetes in the US. While public health agencies continue to recommend health-damaging whole grains, the real protection appears to come from healthy fats, including saturated fats.

New Studies Confirm Soda-Diabetes Link

05 Aug 2015 | 237,002 Views

Your liver can only respond to this burst of badness by turning massive amounts of it into flab, most of which is stored. And it plays a MAJOR role in the development of diabetes... even without weight as a factor. Ditch this health bomb and watch your health improve.

The Major Role Soybean Oil Plays in Obesity and Diabetes

05 Aug 2015 | 59,399 Views

Soybean oil has been linked once again to multiple chronic diseases… and this time research shows it's not only partially hydrogenated soy (i.e. trans fats) that is the problem. Even "regular" soybean oil is a health disaster.

Diabetes Disaster

22 Jul 2015 | 74,698 Views

Diabetes rates are skyrocketing in the US and worldwide, increasing rates of related disability and complications, including brain damage. Meanwhile, a simple dietary swap can lower your risk up to 25 percent.

More Evidence That a High-Fiber Diet Can Curb Type 2 Diabetes

08 Jun 2015 | 78,170 Views

Eating the right types of fiber, and plenty of it, may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. Along with helping you lose weight, fiber may offer additional methods by which it protects against this increasingly prevalent disease.


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